A Cancer Cure

Research, experimentation and success. We continue to separate truth from fiction.

There's a lot of talk about various electronic devices. Some make bold and unsubstantiated claims and others are accepted diagnostic tools. What we do is test, document and prove or disprove what could be next. Not only are we discovering the right path to a new technology, we are also tearing down the false and distracting wrong paths.

Ideas that power the future of research come from every direction.

We're keeping an open mind, but a clinical one. We base our advances on proven, repeatable results. Or, we know the reasons why some times it works and some times it doesn't. Our goal is to bring forth technologies that new from new areas. If we pursue all possibilities from all directions, we make greater progress overall.

The key to curing diseases is in the ability to fingerprint and target them.

Like human DNA, we are pioneering a way to fingerprint cancer and eventually every disease. Being able to detect specific types of cancer and examine its growth will give us new directions towards a cure. To our knowledge no project of this size and scope has been done before. But we need your help. Help us change the world.

Building Blocks Of Research

Document Research

We've added to our database of research by cataloging previously known treatments that have had some kind of curative effect. We're constantly finding new ways to steer and refine our theories of what works and what doesn't. Eventually we'd like form a cooperative that shares this knowledge and proven results.

Creating A Plan

Our plans have been evolving for the past few years. We've started with our own technique for scanning a body without using as much radiation as conventional scanning techniques such as x-rays. This process is propitiatory and is the cornerstone of our eventual path to a cure.

Ordering Resources

Part of our need for cancer research funding is the ever increasing need for more complex and expensive equipment as we refine our methods and results.

Finding Personnel

We'd like to believe that part of our formula for success is that we have a diversified collection of people who bring different skills to the table.


Another need for funding is a larger facility. Part of our testing can be done in other professional service labs, but we can accomplish more and get results faster if we use more of our own equipment.

Clinical Control

As we progress along an idea, it's important to document and regulate all of our research materials and procedures. Repeatability is a hallmark to any solid research and we want to be able to have clear steps to repeat our results.