You Can Make A Difference

Every person can make a difference. We want to offer those with heart two important ways to help. The first is helping us fund our research. If you look at "Three Easy Ways To Help" on this web page there are ways that will cost you nothing and other choices will look towards your generosity. Please take a moment to read about it. Secondly, anyone going through this has a story to tell. And perhaps they also look to share what they know. So we are creating a companion Social Site where you can post, join discussions, make new friends and find new information. Anything you share can help others. We want to give more than just research, we want to give hope. This new section will be coming soon. Want to be part of the team? Then check out "Want To Get More Involved?" on this page.

Participating Together

  • Event Planners

    We'd like to grow nationally and be involved with your event as well. This can go two ways. One is adding our own cause with yours. If you are planning an Alzheimer's event, we can help you while promoting ours as well. This is a two way street. We also have ways of getting the word out. Contact us if you think we can both benefit.

  • Finding The Answers

    If you want to be involved but aren't close to our location, you may still be able to help greatly. There are those who love to research. They search the Internet and find "lost" articles or information not usually categorized as medical yet it has great value to us. If you love being an investigative person let us know. We can give you an assignment with a general need and in your spare time you may give us a key we didn't find to unlock these new ideas.

Three Easy Ways To Help

We like to have people involved and motivated who are trying to reach the same goals as we are.

Click on the plus sign of the selections below to read about various ways you can help.

Zero Cost And Time To You

Our sponsors are fantastic people and some of the best companies on the planet. If you go to this page there is an ever growing list of links to those sponsors. As an example, if you visit from our link they will give us a small donation for sending you their way. It will cost you nothing more than what you were going to spend for buying whatever you wanted to buy.

Shop Our Promotionals

Someone asked us once "Do you have any t-shirts?" Who ever heard of a research lab having t-shirts? But then we thought "Why not?" We get free advertising and you get something for your donation as well as satisfaction that you're helping. Everyone wins. Please click here to visit our store.

Direct Donations

Research is expensive and we depend on the generous donations of people like yourself. If you click here or click on the "Donate" button on the main page it will take you to our donation page where anything you can afford to give will be greatly appreciated and go towards advancing the cause. Thank you.

We believe in the "Act of Worldwide Help". A program we started to bring the talents and resources of others together as a larger force. Help add to our uniqueness.

Advancing the Act of Worldwide Help

We believe in advancing science through cooperation with others.

Other Corporations and Us

Many research labs and facilities create their work under an umbrella of proprietary discoveries that are not common to share. However we encourage other companies engaged in research to cross connect with us where ever possible for the sake of all research and the advancement and health of all mankind. Because a company profits by research is normal we know we can't give everything away. But if there are cases where information can be shared without stepping over a political or corporate policy, then we'd like to share and exchange what we know. The Act of Worldwide Help is a program we started for the cooperation of research between agencies. Putting human life and its protection at the top of the list. If you wish to hear more, please contact us.

Want To Get More Involved?

If you have time, a talent or skill there are plenty of jobs we could use help with.

We could use volunteers who are grant writers, business men and women who have experience to share. Also, people who can do simple research jobs. If you have an area of expertise, Contact Us and let us know how you think it fits in.

Contact us about organizing a fund raiser. There's always a lot to do.

They say that doing fund raising is a full time job. Most companies relying on donations find searching out finds can occupy 50% of a researcher's time. We're looking for a volunteer who can organize or has had experience running a fund raiser. Please email us if you do.

We want to create a network of people who are truly invested in making a difference.

We started a project call "The Act of Worldwide Help" as a way to connect people to others who could both share their talents to help other people and companies grow and succeed. We believe mutually helping others bring us together a planet, promotes solidarity and bridges talents and distances.

Spread the word. The more people who know about us, the greater we grow.

Take a moment to Like Us on Facebook. Share our website and our sponsor pages.

Who it's all for:

It's about it families and friends who are affected by cancer.

We're never going to forget the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who have fallen victim to cancer and the brave caregivers who have given thoughtlessly without thinking of themselves. There are so many and so much we can be grateful for.